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Established in 2007 as a brand with a cause, Embark has been instrumental in uplifting the life of the street dog who may not have a home, but is undoubtedly part of our community.


Embark is relentless in their multi-faceted efforts of Adoption and Re-homing, Sterilization and Vaccination, Saving the Injured, Education and Awareness programmes and igniting change in the lives of street dogs throughout the island. In addition to the direct benefits to the dog, the indirect benefits to society are immense.


The brand also offers a unique clothing line and merchandise that supports and advocates care for street dogs. A portion of profits from the sale of Embark merchandise is used to fund welfare work; which is provided to the public free of charge.


Through it all Embark has kept it 'Pashionable'. All operations are centered around the 'Pashionable' Campaign - which works to change the hearts and minds of communities and their outlook towards man's best friend. The campaign showcases the faithful Sri Lankan street dog; worthy of respect and love, making them fashionable, giving them status and highlighting their own inimitable style


Embark’s ultimate goal of communities living in harmony with the Sri Lankan street dog within a Rabies free Sri Lanka is slowly, but surely becoming a reality with increased involvement and support from the public - each an ambassador for the cause, who epitomize everything Embark stands for.


Embark is undoubtedly making a change - one paw print at a time...


Vision Statement

Embark's dream is to provide a better life for the street dogs of Sri Lanka and give them the love, respect and home they deserve.

Embark collection

Embark funds projects from the profits of it's successful and much sort after collection of clothing and accessories. Embark has successfully turned passion into fashion by developing this line of merchandise which consists of highly trendy, yet surprisingly affordable clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and substantially augments the Embark offering which unites fashion with the cause of animal welfare. We aim to sell Embark merchandise internationally and increase our exposure to animal lovers world-wide, also bringing in more funds for our activities here in Sri Lanka. Click the link to see the Embark collection available online!


We also receive funds from many donors and animal lovers who believe in our objectives and want to help more stray animals find good homes


Otara Gunawardene

Otara Gunewardene is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion icon and founder of Sri Lanka’s premier fashion and lifestyle store Odel, a brand that took Sri Lanka by storm offering designer and high street fashion for men, women and children. From being a sole proprietor of one store in 1990, she pioneered a fashion retailing phenomenon, piloting Odel through two decades of explosive growth and expansion and today over 20 Odel stores are located throughout the Island.


As Otara’s sphere of influence expanded, so did her compassion. It was this desire to make a change in the lives of animals which led her to sell Odel and focus exclusively on Embark and other animal-related causes. Remaining true to the highest ideals of humanity, as Ambassador for World Animal Day, Habitat for Humanity and Earth Hour, Sri Lanka - she inspires, educates and empowers individuals from all walks of life.

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