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Embark is a campaign dedicated to improving the wellbeing of stray dogs, whilst reducing their population and preventing rabies in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, the programme has been active in many ways, addressing the said critical issues facing society. Embark approaches these issues with immense hope, creating a strong impact on the welfare of both animals and people of Sri Lanka.(Read more)

Adoption Day in Ja-ela!
We will be in Ja-Ela on the 28th of February at K-Zone for an evening of puppy love!

Come by and adopt a best friend this weekend.

Time- 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Puppy Girl Rescued!

Puppy girl was rescued by Needra and brought to us for treatment. She had a spinal cord compression caused by an accident which made her unable to walk...

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Back in Jaffna for phase III

Embark, TAPA Sri Lanka, Dog Star Clinic together with the Jaffna Municipal Council and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation....

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Adoption day, Colombo - Valentines Day

25 lucky families found love this valentines weekend! We had our Puppy adoption day on the 14th of February this month in Colombo.

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Doggy Tips (2-18)

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Sterilisation 13074
Vaccination 32591
Rescue and Treatment 11875
Adoption and Re-homing 2038