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Embark is a campaign dedicated to improving the wellbeing of stray dogs, whilst reducing their population and preventing rabies in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, the programme has been active in many ways, addressing the said critical issues facing society. Embark approaches these issues with immense hope, creating a strong impact on the welfare of both animals and people of Sri Lanka.(Read more)

Colombo Embark Adoption Day!
Visit us at the ODEL Alexandra Place on the 25thof January between 2.30 - 5.00 pm to adopt an adorable pup!
All are vaccinated and females are sterilized!

The day Scabby’s life turned the right side up!

Nick and Trisha, two diving instructors moved to Unawatuna last year. They noticed a shabby looking dog who had no fur roaming around the premises....

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CNVR Campaign in Chilaw !

We headed to Chilaw, Madampe on the 15th of Jan together with Best Care Animal Hospital for a CNVR camp....

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Adoption day, Colombo - January 25th 2015

The first adoption day in Colombo for this year was held at ODEL Alexandra Place on the 25th of January. Here are some of the wonderful people who came for our adoption day today. 27 lucky pups found their forever homes. We thank all those who adopted, our vets, Unical, volunteers and fosters who made all this possible!

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Doggy Tips (2-18)

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Sterilisation 12187
Vaccination 31183
Rescue and Treatment 11463
Adoption and Re-homing 1967