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Embark is a campaign dedicated to improving the wellbeing of stray dogs, whilst reducing their population and preventing rabies in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, the programme has been active in many ways, addressing the said critical issues facing society. Embark approaches these issues with immense hope, creating a strong impact on the welfare of both animals and people of Sri Lanka.(Read more)

World Animal Day, October 04th 2014
As big as buses they may be, but whales can be stressed out by boatloads of eager sightseers buzzing them in their natural habitat, and so fashion retailer Odel has made responsible whale-watching it cause for World Animal Day 2014....
Embark is also orgnising a Pauupy Adoption Day in Kandy on the 4th of October... (Read more)

Rescued and Recovering: Otto

Responding to an emergency request from Kalapaluwawa, Embark was able to rescue Otto, victim of a road accident which caused paralysis of both his back legs.

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Working for a rabies free Jaffna

The Jaffna Animal Protection Programme moved into its second round of vaccination and sterilizations in August. The six days of field clinics saw 240 owned and roaming dogs sterilized and vaccinated in Jaffna town and Ariyalai. Embark is conducting this programme in partnership with Tapa Srilanka, Dogstar Foundation and Jaffna Municipal Council.

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Embark Adult Dog Adoption Day, Colombo - August 2014

The very first Adoption Day to focus exclusively on rehoming adult dogs was held at Ward Place on the 31st of August 2014. A large crowd gathered despite the absence of pups and 14 lucky adults, after their long wait, were able to find loving families.

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Embark Adoption Day, Ja-Ela - September 2014

Embark’s third adoption day for the month of July was held at Odel, Alexandra Place on the 27th of July. 23 rescue pups found homes on the day. More than 300 pups have found homes in 2014 via Embark’s Adoption Programme.

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A Hand to Help a Paw

Embark ended the month of August in style with an open air benefit concert, ‘A Hand to Help a Paw’. The event was put together by a group of dedicated volunteers who put their hearts and souls into everything from approaching sponsors to selling tickets and making decorations.

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The Unwanted Dog

Every time I see Nero, my heart breaks. He is a dog who loves to be loved! He celebrates our arrival at the hospital with a mad dash round the yard. All you can see for the first several minutes is a rapidly moving black blur...

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Sterilisation 10835
Vaccination 28192
Rescue and Treatment 10150
Adoption and Re-homing 1796